Anchor Steam*
(The unique patented brewing process yields the roundness of a lager with the fruitiness of an ale. An all-malt beer with hoppy dryness.)
Bud Ice
Cider Jack
(A very sweet alcoholic apple cider. Best when served with beer, called a Snakebite.)
Coors Light
Killian's Red
Miller Lite
Old Foghorn
Rolling Rock
Samuel Adams Lager
(An American classic, with a flowery hop aroma, a soft, malty palate, and both the taste and dryness of hops in the finish.)

Double Diamond
(A delightful Burton style ale.)
Fullers Extra Special Bitter*
(A beautiful balanced ale with fresh hoppiness being countered by honeyish fruitiness.)
John Courage
(A very pleasing, clean and subtle amber lager.)
Newcastle Brown Ale*
(A very smooth, slightly buttery ale. Its sweetness is steadied with an underlying dryness.)

Molson Ice

Guiness Stout

Paulaner Hefeweizen


McEwan's India Pale Ale

Amstel Light


United States
Alimony Ale
Anchor Liberty Ale*
(Intensely aromatic, hoppy-tasting.)
Anchor Porter
(Rich, creamy, faintly herbal.)
Black Dog Ale
Black Dog Wheat
Blackened Voodoo
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Brooklyn East I.P.A.
Bud Light
Bud Dry
Catamount Gold
Catamount Amber
Catamount Porter*
Catamount Bock
Catamount Christmas
Catamount Octoberfest
Coors Extra Gold
Crimson Voodoo
Dixie Jazz
Dock Street Amber
Dock Street Pilsner
Elk Mountain Ale
Geary's Pale Ale
Grant's Apple Honey Ale
Grant's Celtic Ale*
Grant's Scottish Ale*
Grant's Imperial Stout*
Grant's India Pale Ale*
Grant's Weiss Beer
Grant's Harpoon Ale
(Fruity, with a cookie-like malt taste. Winner,
1991 Great American Beer.)
Harpoon Golden Lager
Harpoon India Pale Ale
Harpoon Stout
Harpoon Winter Warmer
Michelob Dry
Michelob Light
Miller Genuine Draft
Miller Ice
New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam Blonde Lager
New Amsterdam Ale
Oregon Honey Red Ale
Oregon I.P.A.
Oregon Nut Brown Ale
Oregon Hafen-Weisen
Oregon Raspberry Wheat
Pete's Wicked Ale
Pete's Wicked Honeys
Pete's Wicked Lager
Pete's Wicked Red
Pumpkin Ale
Red Hook Black Hook Porter
Red Hook Wheat Hook
Red Hook E.S.B
Red Hook Ballard Bitter
Red Hook Winter Hook
Rolling Rock Bock
Rolling Rock Light
Samuel Adams Boston Ale*
Samuel Adams Boston Lightship
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat
Samuel Adams Double Bock
(The maltiest beer in America, it has a huge depth of flavor.)
Samuel Adams Triple Bock
Samuel Adams Honey Porter
Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic
Samuel Adams Cream Stout
Samuel Adams Dark Wheat
Samuel Adams Octoberfest (seasonal)
Samuel Adams Scotch Malt
Samuel Adams Summer Wheat
Samuel Adams Winter Lager (seasonal)
Saranac Lager
Saranac Golden Pils
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Stout
Sierra Nevada Porter*
Sierra Nevada Celebration
Sierra Nevada Big Foot
Red Wolf Lager
Weinhart's Ale
Weinhart's Red

Brasal Bock
Labatts Blue
Labatts Ice
Molson Golden
Molson Canadian
Molson Light
Molson Export Ale
Molson Red Jack
Upper Canada Beer Lager
Upper Canada Beer Pale Ale
Upper Canada Beer Rebellion

Carta Blanca
Corona Light
Dos Equis
Negra Modelo*
(Creamy, with a hint of chocolate, on the dark side.)
Pacifico Clara

Xingu Black Beer*
(A tasty dark specialty.)

The Islands
Dragon Stout
Red Stripe

Bateman's Victory Ale
Bateman's XXXB
Fuller's London Pride
(Well balanced, award winning bitter.)
Mackeson's Triple Stout
(A definitive milk stout, with a sweetness quite pronounced. It produces a lovely, creamy head and its roasted flavor makes it suitable for sipping.)
Old Peculiar*
(A dark ale with a unique sweet richness which is positively embracing. As satisfying as a chaste kiss.)
Old Nick Barley Wine
Royal Oak Pale Ale
(A super-premium bitter with a fruity character.)
Samuel Smith Pale Ale
(A classic from Yorkshire fermented in slate vessels. All Sam's have a full texture and a unique roundness.)
Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale*
(A nutty-tasting brown ale, malty, with a great deal of interwoven hop character. A magnificent brew.)
Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout*
(The oatmeal, used for its nutritive qualities, creates a silky stout that is full in body and flavor.)
Samuel Smith Imperial Stout*
(This Russian stout is silky and immensely rich, with the flavor of slightly burnt currants on a cake.)
Samuel Smith Taddy Porter*
(Wonderfully tart and refreshing, this is perhaps the best porter ever brewed.)
Samuel Smith Pure Lager*
Samuel Smith Winter Welcome*
Thomas Hardy's Ale*
(Rarest ale in Britain. Britain's most potent brew. It is produced in vintage limited editions, aged in sherry wood. When young, it is very sweet, but it dries with age, gaining a sherryish character. Contains over 12% alcohol.)
Thomas Hardy's Hardy County
Watney's Red Barrel
(A pale ale with a distinctive nutty palate.)
Watney's Cream Stout
Young's Oatmeal Stout
Young's Ram Rod


Carlsberg Light
Carlsberg Elephant

MacAndrew's Scotch Ale
McEwan's Scotch Ale
(A rich dark brew that packs a punch.) Traquair House Ale*
(A dark ale, rich and full, its sweetness is balanced by oaky
dryness. A vintage port among beers. Excellent!)

Ayinger Celebrator Double
Beck's Dark
Beck's Light
Beck's Octoberfest
Dinkelacker Dark
Hacker Pschorr Edelhell Light
Hacker Pschorr Octoberfest
Holsten Pils
Holsten Dry
Holsten Light
Kaiserdom Rauchbier
Paulaner Thomasbrau
Paulaner Octoberfest
Paulaner Premium Lager
Paulaner Salvator*
(The original double bock. This classic has a very rich
start, drying out in a long finish. Excellent!)
Pinkus Pilsner
Spaten Bock
Spaten Dark*
Spaten Lager
Spaten Octoberfest
St. Pauli Girl
St. Pauli Girl Dark
Warsteiner Light
Wurzburger Lager
Wurzburger Dark Lager
Wurzburger Octoberfest (seasonal)
Wurzburger Holiday (seasonal)
Wurzburger Maibock

(Weissbier) Germany
(Weissbier is the German term for White Beer, implying a pale brew made from wheat. They are generally quite refreshing and may be cloudy.)
Ayinger Brau-Weisse
Dinkelacker Weisse
Edelweiss Kristalklar
Edelweiss Dunkel
Edelweiss Hefetrub
Hacker Pschorr Weisse
Hacker Pschorr Weisse Dark
Pinkus Weisse
Spaten Club Weisse
Wurzburger Echter Weisse

Heineken Tarwebok
Buckler (non-alcoholic)

Latrappe Enkel
Latrappe Dubbel
Latrappe Quadrupel

Mamba Malt Liquor
Zambezi Lager

Samichlaus Dark Bier*
(Strongest beer in the world — 14%! Brewed only once
per year on Dec. 6th, celebrating St. Nicolas. It's long
maturation and high alcohol content make for a surprising
firmness and brandyish finish. LIMIT TWO!)

Czech Republic
Pilsner Urquel*

Bierre de Paris
Fischer Amber
Fischer Labell
Fischer Bitter
(A classic Biere de Garde, with a deep amber color,
fruity aroma, with a note of vanilla in its long finish.)
Trois Mont


East Asia
Asahi Dry (Japan)
Kirin (Japan)
Kirin Light (Japan)
Kirin Ichiban (Japan)
Tsing Tao (China)
Sapporo Draft (Japan)

Blanche De Bruges White Beer
Boon Faro
Boon Gueze
Chimay Red*
Chimay White
Chimay Grand Reserve*
(The strongest of the three, it is vintage-dated, and has
a soft fruity character. A Zinfandel of beers.)
Corsendonk Monk's Pale Ale
Corsendonk Monk's Brown Ale
(This beguiling brew is appropriately named, meaning devil.
Its palate is soft and seductive, yet its high alcohol content will
get you in the end.)
Gouden Carolus
Liefman's Goudenband
Lindeman's Framboise* (Raspberry)
Lindeman's Gueze
Lindeman's Kriek*
(Made with cherries.)
Lindeman's Peche*
(Made with peaches.)
Orval Trappist*
(Unmatched in character, it is brewed with incredible care.)
Rodenbach Grand Cru
Rodenbach Red Beer
(A vintage Belgium ale.)
Scaldis Special Ale (12% alcohol.)
Scaldis Special Ale Noel
Saint Sixtus Trappist*
(A very interesting, highly potent brew with sweet fruitiness,
perhaps a hint of honeydew melon.)

Foster's Bitter
****Highly Recomended


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